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As a young woman officially navigating her twenties, this blog is evolving along with me. It’s been a remarkable journey of sharing my personal struggles, achievements, and ultimate life lessons over the past two years.

With time comes experience, and as I embark on this new journey of conquering such a momentous decade within my life, I hope this blog will continue to be a platform that finds those in need of a little extra encouragement, a bit more empowerment, and a reminder that there’s always more love for life within yourself.

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Though I have always loved fashion-the entire world of it, from conception to creation to promotion and sales, this blog has grown to be something so much more than a fashion blog. Through rebranding, I’ve decided to no longer refer to this website as a fashionable, lifestyle blog, but as a beautiful curation of my life adventures. This blog is still fashionable, creative, and always striving to be a portfolio for all things I love within art; however, this blog is also a look into what it’s been like growing up. It’s raw and it’s real and it’s emotional. It’s life and I am here to feel throughout it.

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My goal with alwaysmegannicole is to write because I feel and share my writing because I hope that you will feel as well. There is beauty in learning, in relating, and finding bits of yourself within others so please, take a read. Enjoy. Xx.