P.S. Megan Nicole


P.S. Megan Nicole is my first entrepreneurial step into the creative industry and is the culmination of my love for style exploration and my deep appreciation for connecting with individuals on a level that is so near and dear to my heart–fashion!

On my blog, it’s simple for me to write about collections, stores, or individual pieces that I’m loving; however, as an avid blog reader myself, I recognize that it’s often hard to translate blog content into your own lifestyle. Because of this, I thought P.S. Megan Nicole would be a perfect first step to bridging such a gap. Not only do I offer personal styling appointments which may be tailored to at home or in store settings, I also offer personal shopping services where I will do all of the searching and you simply have to try things on!

My formal services include:

  1. Gifting. Forget the stress involved with finding the perfect gift or navigating the busy mall traffic, I’ve got it covered (wrapping and cards available upon request).
  2. Personal shopping. Help me build your personal profile and get to know you! (We can go shopping together OR I can do all of the searching and you simply try it on!)
  3. Styling. Have a closet full of clothes and feeling overwhelmed every time you have to find something to wear? Going to a special event and struggling to find the perfect outfit? Let me help! (available to meet at stores or in the comfort of your home- from everyday outfits to any event!)


For more information on pricing, profile paperwork, or further inquiries, please click on the “contact” tab located in the menu of my website and send me an email! I will get back to you as soon as possible and look forward to talking with you.

Love Always,

Megan Nicole

P.S. shopping anyone?


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